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The Most Important Thing to Do During Your Job Search, According to 1 EY Recruiting Director

The Most Important Thing to Do During Yur Job Search, According to 1 EY Recruiting Director Heather Rondorf, EY Americas Experienced Executive Recruiting Director, is here to remind you that Ernst Young LLP (EY US) is more than a financial services firm. For her, it has been the unique place where she drives the bus of her career taking risks and seeking out opportunities to grow her career while mucksmuschenstill having the time and space to practice mindfulness (and play lots of golf).Heather shared with us the most interesting and rewarding aspects of working at EY US, where she draws her inspiration from, and the books she cant put down. Then, she gave us her best piece of job search advice.I lead a team of more than 200 exceptionally talented recruiters who fuel growth and help transform the EY workforce.Whats something you think most people (perhaps even current employees) dont know about your company that you think they should?Our identity, historically, has been tied to o ur deep finance and accounting experience. When they learn the vast array of business issues we are helping our clients solve, and the variety of work our people can pursue, their response usually is, Wow I didnt know EY did that.For example, we haveMore than 7,000 data and analytics practitioners, with more than 2,000 data scientistsInvested more than $500 million in analytics capabilitiesMore than 1,100 robots working for us, both internally in our back offices but also in our services for clientsAt work, whats something youre especially good at?I learned early on in my career to surround myself with really smart people and learn from them Over the years, I have honed my listening skills mainly with the objective of understanding my colleagues strengths, their points of view and their aspirations, so I can find some way in my role to help them test their ideas, gain experiences and grow.What about outside of work?My hobby of choice is golf Ive been playing since age 5 and playe d competitively in college. Being on the golf course is my happy place, and it doesnt hurt that most of my male friends ask me to give them lessonsWhat are you trying to improve on?One of my colleagues recently encouraged me to study mindfulness, as she is becoming a certified trainer. Life pulls me in so many directions. I find myself reacting to one thing, then the next. I have been really trying to be present at work and at home practicing being in the moment and giving my full attention to the person or the project in front of me. It does take practice So far, so good. I feel better about my personal interactions and find I have more energy to dedicate to myself and others throughout the day.What do you love most about your job or your company?After working here for almost 20 years, I am grateful to have built lifelong friendships with my colleagues, who are truly supportive, caring, trusting and nurturing. I feel respected and cared for as an individual. EY US is a special pla ce I am proud to work for this company.What makes EY a great place to work for women, what are some of the challenges?I have always operated with the mindset that I drive my own bus. I am always taking risks to push myself to learn, and seek out opportunities that I want to help grow my career. The EY environment has afforded me the opportunity to do that I dont feel Ive ever had the saatkorn job year after year. Ive also had to make my aspirations known and work hard to seek out mentors and sponsors who will advocate for me along the way. Women who take this approach will find that they have wonderful opportunities to evolve and grow.In addition, we also provide a wide range of benefits that empower our people to engage fully at work and in their personal life. Beyond the typical benefits like medical, dental and paid time off, we offer our people16 weeks of parental leave for all primary caregiversPaid time off for personal/family careA variety of health, wellness and quality of life benefits like work flexibility, mental health and stress-related support, and reimbursements for health club fees, classes or exercise equipmentAdvanced reproductive technologies and adoption assistanceBenefits for same and opposite-sex domestic partnersLearning, development and coaching resourcesWhats your No. 1 piece of advice for women who are looking for jobs right now?Dont be afraid to advocate for yourself telling your mentors or sponsors what you want in a new role and why you want it is critical. Ask for what you want, back it up with a fact-based rationale and dont sell yourself shortWho is/was the most influential person in your life and why?Hands down, my father. He had an amazing career as an attorney. From when I was very young, he encouraged my competitive spirit, taught me how to work hard and set goals, and pushed me to think big.He also advocated for hiring and promoting women in the legal profession even at times when that was leid the norm. In the early da ys of his career, my father lived in Washington, DC, and worked as a law clerk for Sandra Day OConnor, who eventually became the first woman Justice to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe his experience working with Justice OConnor helped shape his passion for mentoring and sponsoring women to achieve their aspirations in what was, at the time, a male-dominated profession. Since then, so many women ? especially myself ? have been helped and inspired by my dad.--Fairygodboss is proud to partner with EY.

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Rumored News on Outside Sales Resume Exposed

Rumored News on Outside Sales Resume Exposed There are a great deal of spots online where you may acquire at no cost. Make your points, outlining why you believe you are excellent for the sale associate role. Its fast and simple to use. At the peak of your resume, you should incorporate a career objective. If you have several job targets tailor each resume to maximize the outcome. Your purpose is to quantifiably prove that youre able to. The aim of your resume is to secure you the interview. The Basics of Outside Sales Resume An excellent abverkauf professional is perpetually seeking to upgrade their knowledge base and boost their abilities. In this way, its tailored to the job that youre applying for. Finding work in tech is not simple, every position is in demand. Proofreading is of extreme importance when you wish to land that coveted job at a big organization. Include everything from what you will be feeling internally, how youre carry yourself, and what exactly y oull do to get ready for the ausverkauf task. The solution is 6 seconds for the very first pass. One of the most usual challenges of folks hoping to earn a sale is the fear of rejection. The one issue is there are lots of fish in the sea much like you. Using Outside Sales Resume An e-commerce manager understands the typical customer, anticipates their moves and requires on the website and collaborates with the internet design team to produce the interface as user friendly as possible. From researching the organization and scouring job posting youll uncover company-specific info and requirements which you should include. Go through the subsequent outside sales maintenance representative resume sample to acquire a notion of what success looks like. Use these guide and totally free PDF worksheet to spot your sales obstacles and what you are able to do to get them from the manner. If you are in possession of a significant quantity of sales achievements, you might want to crea te a separate heading for them, otherwise, include three or more accomplishments beneath your work experience section per job. Read the work description like your life is dependent on it. The fundamental outline will stay the exact same for each posting. To stand out, you are going to want to create your experience and skills shine. Not only will a company employee be in a position to provide you with tips about how to pass the interview, he or she is going to likewise be able to enlighten you on bits of information you wouldnt have known otherwise. The men and women you know could be an abundance of valuable connections and useful understanding of the work scene. Sharing your experiences can help lower your tension and maintain your motivation. For management, it truly is beneficial to acquire a skilled style as it will give a very good effect to any long-term businesses. For instance, you could be afraid that you will never be capable of making any sales in any respect. In case you have, dont disclose the name of the organization. The same is true for your resume. Employers wish to observe how your efforts influence a firms business. Be certain to describe what you need to provide new employees that sets you apart from different businesses. Prior additional experience incorporates retail management. The resume examples below are intended to emphasize the top abilities and attributes employers are seeking in an outside sales representative.

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Your Employer Won#8217;t Always Be Loyal; Learn to Put Your Own Career First

Your Employer Won8217t Always Be Loyal Learn to Put Your Own Career First Today, loyaltyfeels like a lost art. Its often hard to seewhere allegiances lie and who really has your back. Sadly, this isespecially true in the workplace and in our careers.Over the years, Ive noticed an interesting phenomenon. Even when we know things are going badly, many of us want to hang in there for the good of the company. In theory, its good to be committed but, in practice, this level of dedication doesnt always make sense in todays job market.Company layoffs are a fairlycommon way for organizations to save money. Even the best employees are at risk of being cut after years of service. Its an unfortunate fact, but itstrue nonetheless. Pair this state of affairs with the fact that employees are switching jobs much more often than they used to, and you end up with a job market that is entirely different from what it was just 20 years ago.I often encounter hard-working employees about whom Im concerned. behauptung are the kind of people who put in more time than theyre required to. They take work home at night and on the weekends. The may even take business calls on their personal time.These same hard-working employeesoften choose to stay at their jobs despite the signs that it may be time to go. Perhaps their colleagues were recently let go, or the company has been restructuring a little too often, or the organization is losing money and the executives seemnervous but regardless of all these red flags, the hard workers are committed. They want to stick it out.Many of themfeel they still have stablejobs and why would anyonegive that up?The problem is, if there are signs that things might begoing south, chances arethey will eventually go that way. This means the committed worker may welllose their seemingly stable job, no matter how much work theyve put in.The bottom line is this Business is business. Companies know that. Its why they dont hesit ate to cut employees when they need to save money. A business is loyal to the businessitself first and foremost not to the individual workers.In the same way, hard-working employees should take care of themselves. They should put their own careers first.Im not talking about jumping ship for no reason, but if you start to feel likethings are wrong, dont ignore that intuition. Listen to yourself.If you dont, you could end up blindsided by unemployment. Being out of worktakes away your options. It forces you to quickly take a job that you may not really like. At times, unemployment can even sparka vicious cycle of moving from bad job to bad job.But all of that could be avoided if you make your own success apriority.Remember, you are the CEO of your own career. In the same way that businesses must protect their futures, you must protect yours.A version of this article originally appeared in theMemphis Daily News.Angela Copeland is a career coach and CEO at her firm,Copeland Coaching.

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Data breaches are inevitable heres how to protect yourself anyway

Data breaches are inevitable heres how to protect yourself anywayData breaches are inevitable heres how to protect yourself anywayIts tempting to give up on data security altogether, with all the billions of pieces of personal data Social Security numbers, credit cards, home addresses, phone numbers, passwords and much mora breached and stolen in recent years. But thats not realistic nor is the idea of going offline entirely. In any case, huge data-collection corporations vacuum up data about alfruchtwein every American without their knowledge.As cybersecurity researchers, we offer good news to brighten this bleak picture. There are some simple ways to protect your personal data that can still be effective, though they involve changing how you think about your own information security.The main thing is to assume that you are a target. Though fruchtwein individual people arent specifically being watched, software that mines massive troves of data enhanced by artificial intellige nce can target vast numbers of people almost as easily as any one person. Think defensively about how you can protect yourself from an almost inevitable attack, rather than assuming youll avoid harm.Whats most important now?That said, its unproductive and frustrating to think you must pay attention to every possible avenue of attack. Simplify your approach by focusing on what information you most want to protect.Covering the obvious, keep your software up-to-date. Software companies issue updates when they fix security vulnerabilities, but if you dont download and install them, youre leaving yourself unprotected from malware such as keystroke loggers. Also, be smart about what links you click in your email or when browsing the web you could inadvertently download malicious software to your phone or computer, or allow hackers access to your online accounts.In terms of online data, the most important information to protect is your login credentials for key accounts like banking, go vernment services, email and social media. You cant do much about how well websites and companies safeguard your information, but you can make it harder for hackers to get into your account, or at least more than one of them.Reusing login names and passwords is a significant risk.Mihai Simonia/Shutterstock.comHow? The first step is to use a different username and password on each crucial site or service. This can be complicated by sites limits on username options or their dependence on email addresses. Similarly, many sites have requirements on passwords that limit their length or the number or schriftart of characters that they can include. But do your best.The reason for this is straightforward When a bunch of usernames and passwords fall into malicious hands, hackers know its human nature to repeat usernames and passwords across many sites. So they almost immediately start trying those combinations anywhere they can like major banks and email services. A chief information secur ity officer we know in the banking industry told us that after the Yahoo breach of a few years ago, banking sites were hit with multiple attempts to log in with credentials stolen from Yahoo.Use long passwordsThere has been a lot of research about what makes a strong password which has often led to many people using complex passwords like 7hi5sMyPs4w0rd. But more recent research suggests that what matters much more is that passwords are long. Thats what makes them more resistant to an attempt to guess them by trying many different options. Longer passwords dont have to be harder to remember They could be easily recalled phrases like MyFirstCarWasAToyotaCorolla or InHighSchoolIWon9Cross-CountryRaces.It can be daunting to think about remembering all these different usernames and passwords. Password management software can help though choose carefully as more than one of them have been breached. It can be even safer despite conventional wisdom and decades of security advice to writ e them down, so long as you trust everyone who has access to your home.Use a third line of defenseHave hackers driven us back to the age of the physical key?BautschTo add another layer of protection including against troublesome housemates many sites (Google, for example) let you turn on whats called multi-factor authentication. This can be an app on your smartphone that generates a numeric code every 30 seconds or so, or a physical item you plug into your computers USB port. While they can afford at least some protection, be wary of sites that send you a text with a code that method is vulnerable to interception.With these straightforward steps and the new mindset of thinking like a target who wants to avoid getting hit youll be far less worried when news breaks of the next breach of some companys enormous data files. Bad guys may get one of your usernames, and maybe even one of your passwords so youll have to change those. But they wont have all your credentials for all your online accounts. And if you use multi-factor authentication, the bad guys might not even be able to get into the account whose credentials they just stole.Focus on whats most important to protect, and use simple but effective methods to protect yourself and your information.W. David Salisbury, Sherman-Standard Register Professor of Cybersecurity Management, Director Center for Cybersecurity Data Intelligence, University of Dayton and Rusty Baldwin, Distinguished Research Professor of Computer Science Director of Research, Center for Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence, University of DaytonThis article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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They got $5,000 raises. How

They got $5,000 raises. HowThey got $5,000 raises. HowI hope youre ready for a little raise.Ask for it welches my advice two weeks ago. I asked for it, and got it welches the response from many of our 9 million members.I thought Id share a couple of the best stories, with names and locations altered to protect their negotiating secrets. First up is ThomasI was unhappy at my old job, mainly because of the salary. Old Job refused to give me anything mora than a token raise, which would have been fine if my actual salary wasnt below my market value i the first place. With two years under my belt there, a security clearance, and incredibly specialized training out of the way, I was making only $3k more than the day I was hired and the day I was hired I had none of those.I was making less than $50k. I told myself I wanted to make low-60s in my new job, which was humble and realistic but would still represent a dramatic increase to me.So I interviewed at competing firms and, after weeks o f interviews at both, coincidentally got two offers in the same day.My first choice company offered $65k. $65k met my goal, and as Im in my mid-20s in the defense industry, I knew the role itself would open many more doors - I knew the small fish in a big pond factor was also worth a lot.I was about to accept but decided to ask for more. Worst they could say is no, right?I recalled advice to Ask for 10-15% more right off the bat. See how they react.So I asked for $72k. It was done instantly, and they didnt bat an eye.I started in August 2016. I went from $46,000 to (currently) $73,000 just by a couple rounds of interview a few times at a competing company.Salary-wise, I completely skipped the 50s and 60s.A 49% increase in salary.Same city, same industry, same exact job.And I all I did was ask.Thomas Thats a terrific example ThomasNext up is DaveHi, Marc,I have an interesting story for you.When I was interviewing with my current employer almost 5 years ago, I had another possibility brewing. This was a little weird for me a few years prior I had lost my job and was unemployed for 11 months straight, followed by being bounced through 3 other jobs for economic reasons. Having two employers at once trying to have me felt odd.Anyway, I got the job at what I thought was a reasonable salary $6,000 more than their initial offer and definitely higher than Id ever been paid, anyway and started working. A couple of weeks in, I got an offer from this other company that was very close to what I already had. I told them I couldnt justify leaving the job I had just started and had begun to settle into, for essentially the same compensation.After a little back-and-forth, they said, We dont normally do this, but were going to offer you $5,000 more.I agreed to think it over.A day later I decided to speak with my manager. I told him about the other offer, and said that I didnt really want to leave, but their offer was somewhat compelling. He asked whether I would stay if they could match the other number. I said I would, even if it were just close to being a match. He promised to present it to upper management and I told him that I appreciated his assistance.A couple of days later I was called up to the VPs office to speak with him and my manager. I went in and had a seat.My manager said, Weve talked it over, and I have to tell you that we are NOT going to be matching the other offer. He held a somewhat defeated expression.I sank a little as I processed what this meant Id either leave the job I had (something Id never done) for a better offer and accept burning a bridge, or Id keep what I had and accept losing the extra money.My manager then continued, We ARE going to beat the other offer by $5,000. The VP then said that it makes him proud when a manager comes to him to support their people, because that means to him that they have good people. Handshakes were had. I then had to call the other company to decline their offer.So its almost as if I didnt negotiate at all rather, I let the companies battle it out. I actually said relatively little. And it played out very much in my favor. It all seemed very lucky.Thanks for the emails in helping me to find something better-DaveWhat a terrific job these two members have done in improving their economic situation for themselves.And all it took was asking for it.Good luck with your ask this weekIm rooting for you.

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Additive Manufacturing Prototypes and Design Simulations Showc...

Additive Manufacturing Prototypes and plan Simulations Showc... Additive Manufacturing Prototypes and Design Simulations Showc... Additive Manufacturing Prototypes and Design Simulations Showcased at Two ASME ConferencesBy Roger TordaASME Public Information We did some testing from idle up to 3,500 RPM on Joshs truck, explained Morgan Thomas. Morgan, Nicholas Heiman and Joshua Hieb are agricultural engineering students at South Dakota State University. What they were testing on Hiebs 2005 Chevrolet Silverado was a 3D printed muffler made with a heat-resistant plastic. We tested temperature and sound levels, and the muffler handled it fine. So then we decided to take it out on the road, and test it until it failed.The students were among 30 gruppes participating in the ASME Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Challenge (IAM3D) and the Societys Innovative Design Simulation Challenge (IDSC) held Aug. 2, in Boston.A team from Texas Tech University won the IAM3D Best Overall Design Award for a low-temperature desalinator. Shaun Foreman and Taylor Cychowski presented two prototypes a small version for hikers and campers and a larger model that could supply drinking water for a family of four.Nikola Tepavac, Scott Hill and Chas Davies (left to right) present the compliant prosthetic hand at IAM3D, which was held Aug. 2, in BostonThe IAM3D Best Innovative Design Award went to Scott Hill and Chas Davies of Tennessee Technological University, and Nikola Tepavac of the University of Novi Sao, in Serbia, for a one-piece, compliant prosthetic hand. The team tested three different joint entwurfs and built prototypes with two different plastics. Tepavac, participating in the design process via Skype, is working on electronic controls. The winner for Best Re-engineered / Collaborative Production was a team from Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada, for an Audible Hockey Puck. Ryan Vierira and Kristoffer Pascual worked with a group of visually impaired hockey players, and desig ned a device that emits electronic sounds. Vierira explained that currently-available products produce sound only when the puck is moving, as metal parts rattle around inside. Durability is a big challenge in the fast-moving, stick-slapping world of hockey. The first two Sheridan prototypes were brittle, and quickly shattered in play. The current version is tougher and more water-proof.Jeffrey Paquette, of Stratasy, Inc., one of the competitions judges, praised the Sheridan team for its re-design process, calling the puck a fully iterative product. A team from Temple University was honored for Best Verbal Presentation for designing wind turbine blades. Alexander Benvenuto, Sarah McLeod and Joseph Fossity sought efficiency and low noise in a small system that could be used in urban areas. Their final design combined two proven features leading edge tubercles, similar to those found on whale fins, and trailing-edge serrations.Soumay Gupta and Ramanjeet Singh from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee won the Best Freshman Design Award for a system to generate electricity as vehicles pass over speed bumps. The team, which presented from India via Skype, used 3D printing to create a piston and cylinder that can be embedded in a roadway. Passing vehicles send compressed air into a tank, which drives a turbine and generator. The tank can collect air from several speed bumps at four-way intersections, for example.IDSC Results In the Innovative Design Simulation Challenge, Yu-Han Cheng, Yen-Ting Wang and Han-Yu Lee from National Taiwan University won a Best Overall Simulation award in the commercial software category for the design of a novel stent for the treatment of peripheral artery disease. The team developed computer models to evaluate the mechanical integrity and fatigue resistance to various loading conditions, including expansions and annealing during manufacture, crimping inside a catheter and release into a blood vessel. Simulations showed significant ly improved reliability. Judges of the competition encouraged the team to seek a patent.Sharanga Bora of NIT Silchar, India, won the same honor for his innovation, Application of Coanda Effect in a CPU Heat Sink Fan. Bora modeled airflow over airfoils placed on a heat sink. He tested three airfoil cross sections, and simulations showed the best design led to 15C reduction in heat compared to a conventional fan/heatsink system. The Coanda effect, named after aerodynamics pioneer Henri Coanda, refers to the tendency of a fluid to follow a curved surface. The Best Utility / Impact Award for commercial software went to Jonathan Lewis Adn Pacheco Alcocer, Eduardo Daniel Aguilar Arvea and Miguel ngel Rodrguez from Universidad Autonoma del Carmen, Mexico, for demonstrating an increase in the efficiency of a solar cook stove with the use of constructal design for a heatsink. Constructal design uses patterns found in nature, such as the branching of rivers. Sohail Reddy of Florida Internatio nal University won the Best Overall Simulation Award using both commercial and custom software, for analyzing micro-pin fins used to cool electronic chips. He compared cooling wertmiger zuwachs for circular pins, airfoil-shaped pins and pins with symmetric convex cross-sections. Reddys analyses demonstrated improved performance with the airfoil and convex cross section designs.Pin-Yi Chen of Taiwan National University presented her iLatte project at IDSCRohit Solanki, Jeet Trivedi and Harsh Pandya from B.H. Gardi College of Engineering and Technology in Rajkot, India, won an award for Best Utility or Impact, for an analysis of a mechanism for vehicles based on the gate of an animal. The team studied the work of a Dutch artist, Theo Jansen, who uses mechanical legs in kinetic sculptures. The students believe such a vehicle could achieve energy reduction and move effectively across rugged terrain.In the custom software category, Pin-Yi Chen of Taiwan National University was recognized for Best Overall Simulation for a project inspired by a trip to the coffee shop. Chen designed her iLatte project to gather data as a barista makes intricate designs while pouring steamed milk and strong coffee. Chen modeled a latte-pouring robot and created a system that would teach people how to make similar designs.IDSC in the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, was well attended.The South Dakota team reported that its muffler broke and melted at 50 miles per hour. They were loud and clear, however, about the value of the experience. It was a great opportunity, Thomas said. At the beginning of this, I knew hardly anything about 3D printing. But we did everything in this process. Testing. Redesign. Documentation. Writing papers. We made presentations. We learned what it means to be an engineer.

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How to Be a Good Leader

How to Be a Good LeaderHow to Be a Good LeaderStrengths-based Leadership encurages us to look into our strengths to identify what works and doesnt work for us as leaders. I think you should go beyond that.Learning about leadership starts when you experience someone elses leadership style. You learn from every single boss you have ever had. Both the good and the bad. Same with the parenting styles you experience. Look into your upbringing. What can you learn from it?I recently realized that my leadership style strongly reflects the parenting style of my parents. As a result, Im no longer s CMO. Ive adopted those values and principles and thats how I leuchtdiode of marketing team at , a team of 5 people from 4 nationalities. Do I have things to share? Yes.Should you learn from me? It depends. My 8 PrinciplesWhen I was a child, my mom dad - provided safety - they created a safe environment, free of worries and dangers when a neighbourhood boy was bullying me, mom talked to him and ho nestly scared the shit out of him, so he never bothered me after thathelped me grow - they provided a nurturing environment they attended exhibitions and took my sister and I with them, ate moderately and healthy, went to the mountain every weekend and brought us with them, read books to my sister and I.gave me hope - they confirmed that things will be okay when I fell on the ground, they helped me get up and said everything will be okay, your knee will heal quick showed me compassion - they understood and respected my feelings. When my parents heard that my boyfriend in primary school had broken up with me, they said they were sorry I felt that way. were honest - they spoke openly about what we can afford or not, so they managed my expectations well and kept their word. I only got a Mickey Mouse magazine or a Happy Meal just a few times throughout my childhood, but that was fine. respected me expected respect in return - they never crossed a line and didnt allow me to make a jo ke of them either, not even once. taught me how to dream big - I was 5 years old and my mom was taking me to German lessons when she said learn German and one day you can travel to Germany or Austria and schi in the Alps at the time I was skiing down a hill in the neighbourhood, so the Alps sounded absolutely outstanding (and they are, as I saw a few years ago)congratulated me on my successes youre our little hero Mom always said that whatever challenge I overcame or accomplishment I had. Each of those strongly shaped my understanding of whats right and wrong at home, as well as in school or the workplace. And heres how I applied them as a CMO. Please note, much like in parenting, sometimes we have the right intentions, but the result is different. The principles below show what Ive aimed for. I have to admit I didnt succeed with them 100% of the time.1 Help them grow As a leader, I aim to encourage people when they are scared, I push their boundaries helfende hand them in crisis or when they feel low give as much feedback as I can to any piece of work. I expect high quality of anyone, regardless of their seniority, title, or years of work experience.give both positive and constructive feedback that aims the same thing to encourage a growth mindset, not just to be good. When a colleague challenges me, I usually thank them for doing that as Id like to encourage them to question my decisions or directions rather than be good by blindly following me and always be approving of what I say. support them to develop their strengths, even when outside of their comfort zone Vessy has been challenging me every single day. Thats why I jokingly started calling her Chief Challenger. One time she challenged me to go to London on a work trip, on my own. Its a city that always made me unusually anxious so at the time it felt completely outside of my comfort zone. Despite being scared I ended up going and once it was over, I realized I had overcome the fear. She successfully pushed my boundaries and Im proud I went on that trip. That experience still gives me courage and makes my out-of-my-comfort-zone experiences more comfortable. 2 Give them hope As a leader, I aim to explain that overnight success is not overnight, so when success doesnt come right away, the team has hope and keeps trying explain we all do things that are hard and do them for the first time and we eventually figure it out and if we dont, we will figure something else outbring hope to them, even when Im struggling with it myself knowing they rely on me, pushes me to find hope myself get people enthusiastic about the future our company vision, strategy, or even next months campaign Since Im very self-critical I can easily go into an Impostor Syndrome state if I dont landsee results quickly enough. It was especially hard to try out a bunch of tactics for advertising optimization and see our costs decrease only slightly. Vessy helped me focus on the amount of things we tried and learned , reminding me how far weve come, even if the numbers didnt show it. Then I could move forward with restored motivation and came to several new solutions to try out. Without hope, the worlds looks and feels meaningless and people become helpless. Thats valid just as much at work3 Show them compassion As a leader, I aim to Actively listen and be present Acknowlumineszenzdiodege their feelings (If I dont care that someone is struggling, that results in two things - they get discouraged and Im an asshole) Determine if I should give advice or instead I should give them space so they can figure things out and fix them on their own Be there for them when they struggle outside of work, too. Vessy has never stopped being incredibly supportive of me and everyone on the team, particularly as Ive evolved from being more of a writer into a broader SEO role. One ironic by-product has been that we came to a point where there was less of a need for a head of marketing. Everyone now takes full res ponsibility for their own domain and the whole operation works smoothly. You could say shes a victim of her own success there. I believe that lack of compassion results in emotional invalidation. Its sneaky and powerful. It creates a distance between you and the other person and damages their confidence. Three things if you want to work on Compassion Whats emotional invalidationHow to improve the level of validation 5 things NOT to say4 Be honest earn their trust As a leader, I aim to act as a role model and Im aware that everything I do can be replicated by anyone in my team, so Id better do things as best as I cankeep my promises (and keep private matters we have discussed private) Be authentic and candid, e.g. tell them when I disagree and when Im having a hard time Encourage honesty and establish trust between all team members to help them collaborate more smoothly. If Im not honest with them, why would they be honest with me? Delegating, for example, would become impossible or pointless. If they dont respect me and trust me, why would they care which direction I attempt to lead them? That would make any strategy, campaign, or tactic chaotic and inapplicable. As an illustrator, Ive never been too interested in business, marketing analytics or numbers in general. I actually, never thought they could have anything to do with my job. AT ALL. Vessys honest questions and challenges showed me how important it is, to back up my work with business goals if I want to make an impact. When I was working on developing s illustration identity, I managed to put in action all the lessons learned during our one-on-ones. Answering the questions, why are we doing that and how it could impact s business goals, helped me realise that drawing cool stuff is not enough, if theyre not the right cool stuff. And on top of that, the whole team was able to see how awesome illustrations are, when used the right way.5 Create a safe space for them As a leader, I aim to provide safety a nd security when people feel threatened that doesnt mean protecting them, but more so empowering them how to face the challenge and helping them identify numerous ways to do it teach them how to deal with ambiguity and embrace change I show them the freedom and the wide range of opportunities that come in times of great flux. Oh, we do this pretty well at ? https// Tatiana Rehmova (TRehmova) achter monat des jahres 31, 20186 Expect the other side to follow the same principlesAs a leader, I aim to Encourage constructive, courageous, healthy behavior rather than focus on punishing the unwanted habits.To address things, when an employee has hurt my feelings or shown me disrespect. The alternative is to leave things to stay unresolved and bottle up until it explodes. You dont want a partner, friend, colleague, boss, parent, or sibling who jeopardizes the pillars of the relationship (respect, trust, safety, etc), do you? For example, my girlfriend and I built a habit to c heck-in on the health of our relationship. We dont do it in a structured way or at a specific period of time. We casually ask each other questions that allow us to get feedback from each other and understand if theres something we should work on as a couple or as individuals. Then, we discuss ways we can tackle it and commit to them. Last time we did that, we put them down. One of those commitments was to go to spoken word poetry together and tonight were going to one. 7 Teach them how to dream bigAs a leader, I aim to Show them how to see potential beyond whats visible to themThat allows the team to spot the big opportunities and chase the big results. I know of few leaders that would take on a college student with little-to-no professional experience to write a resume on someone they admire, but Vessys decision to ask me to work on Rupauls Resume is what led to me taking on an internship at and getting to know some extraordinary people. Not only has this gifted me valuable experi ence, but have gone on to be featured in top-tier media such as Fast Company, Gay Times, and more because of this. These are achievements I never thought would be possible in five years let alone a few months Vessy has been a creator of opportunity that has inspired me and challenged me at every step. With her guidance, Ive been afforded many things that I never thought I would have authenticity in the workplace, professional drive, the freedom to dream big. 8 Congratulate them on their successes As a leader, I aim to Take the time to say well done, fantastic job, im pressed, so proud of youShow my gratitude yes, they are paid to do their job, but I dont take a job well done for granted I genuinely appreciate this kind of people, the hard work and attitude they have put into it Sometimes I check in with myself if I do that and when I realize I havent done it for awhile, I reach out to the individual or the team. One of the top 3 reasons why people change jobs, validated by resea rch with our users and with our employees, is that they didnt feel valued and appreciated. Responding vs Initiating 3 tools that help me follow the eight principlesLeadership is built on relationships. In any relationship theres a line that once crossed, its hard to retrieve from. While responding means were always catching up, its important to have different mechanisms, or tools, that allow you to initiate conversations rather than respond to the final situations when nothing can be repaired, discussed, or restored.These are my ways of deal with things early on, often way before they have even started. One-on-one meetingsWeve been having 1on1 meetings for over 2 years now. Ive had over 200+ with various team members. Over time their objective and format have evolved a lot according to the needs of the company, as well as adapted to the respective leads style. During my 1on1s, for example, Id always ask - what would you like us to talk about today? Is there anything thats bothering you? What would you do with X if you were leading the team? Expectation documentsThese are simple one-pager documents that have 3 sections Performance (e.g. attract X new unpaid website visitors), Behavior (e.g. come prepared to meetings), Skills (e.g. advance SEO). They show the person what to focus on in the next 6-week period. As a marketing lead I used to find it super handy as it was helping me set my own expectations towards the employee, make aya they are communicated, as well as check if they are understood by the employee. On the other side, that was giving clarity and direction to the employee. So every 6 weeks wed meet up and compare notes on how the previous period went and whats needed in the next period. Constant, immediate feedback Building a team dynamics that encourages team members to give feedback to each other, so when Im not there (on vacation or no longer their lead) they are independent from me and they can do things together, on their own. Being a leader is beyond being a team lead I aim to follow the same principles in any relationship that I have in my life. And in the case of , that means I aim to follow them with any person in the company a founder, an early employee, or a recent one. Quite often being open about my vulnerabilities has been a foundation for the trust in any of those relationships vulnerability and authenticity are also big themes for me in my writing on Medium. Vessy started to be very open about her vulnerabilities, and instead of taking away from her credibility, this actually added to it. When Im facing a challenge related to how to approach a complex project or have a tough conversation with a person, I sometimes catch myself thinking Vessy had that anxiety. She overcame that. And so can I What you should take away from this how-to-be-a-leader article Would any of the above make you a successful leader? It depends on who you are. While most of us read books about the leadership styles of successful generals or CEOs, its not about imitating someone elses style. Its about identifying what makes your style unique, cultivating those strengths, and recognizing handy others practices that are relevant for you and possibly worth trying. If you recognized anything you think you should give a try, thats fantastic. But do look into yourself. Into your upbringing. Into what makes you you. Whats next for me, now that Im not the CMO any more?My new role is Career Industry Expert Talent Scout. I will be focused on more strategic pieces such as exploring different business models for , scouting for talent, and occasionally write articles for our blog.